Medium to high voltage switching products for transmission/distribution systems, substations * generator disconnecting and starting switches for power plants. 5 kV thru 420 kV Disconnects switches * grounding switches * motor operators and manual operators.


AC Uninterruptible Power Supply System with PWM technology 5 – 200 KVA Single Phase 10 – 220 KVA Three Phase. SDC Rectifier. Battery Charger 24 – 220 V / 25 – 1200 A. AC/DC Panelboards, batteries, regulators.


Mission Critical onsite power generation - utility paralleling switchgear soft loading equipment, peakshaving and demand / load side management of electrical power.


CEP Division: Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear 5kV - 38kV,  1200A – 4000A. Metal-Enclosed Switchgear 5kV – 15 kV, 50 KA, 1200A – 2000A. Low voltage Draw-out switchgear, 600 Vac. UL 891, UL 1558, UL 67, and UL 508A

Power & Control Centers, modular buildings, climate controlled electrical enclosures. Buildings are designed, wired, tested and completely factory assembled with prefabricated electrical equipment installed inside them. Arc-resistant designs available


Small Power Transformers to 20MVA base max and 69 kV max with/without LTC. Compartmental padmounts and small power unit-substation 10 MVA 35 kV max.

Single Phase Oil-Filled Transformers, substation, platform mount.

New Specialty Transformers: Zig-Zag, network transformer, Unitized Substations


Medium/Large Power Transformers - Core form technology up to 400 MVA, 345 kV, (1175 kV BIL)* Shell form up to 1400 MVA , 500 KV class. Substation Services: Core & Shell type power transformers, repair and service, LTC repair & replacement, mobile substation inspection and servicing.


Liquid Filled Transformers: 300kVA – 100mVA to 230kV class. With LTC to 100mVA. Fluids include mineral oil, Luminol, Envirotemp (FR3), beta, silicone. Fluid preservation, sealed tank (standard), automatic nitrogen system, conservator.

Dry Type Transformers: VPI 300kVA – 20mVA to 35kV class, 220 degree class insulation. Uniclad (encapsulated) 300kVA – 15mVA to 35kV class, 220 degree class insulation.

Specialty design transformers and field service options.


Transmission/Distribution Line Products:

CME-utility cable and wire 600v – 230kV *

CPI-composite cross arms and poles *

FHP-Distribution Porcelain Insulators, distribution insulators thru 46KV.* GG-Toughened Glass suspension insulators * *

Mitas/MITENG-Lattice transmission structures. Lattice design engineering detailing and testing services. *

SPIW- Porcelain Insulators, porcelain suspension insulators thru 120,000 lb ratings and TR type station post insulators through 1000KV.

TAPP-tubular steel poles base plate, mono & wood equivalent, transmission and distribution structures.