Medium to high voltage switching products for transmission/distribution systems, substations * generator disconnecting and starting switches for power plants. 5 kV thru 420 kV Disconnects switches * grounding switches * motor operators and manual operators.


Commercial & Industrial


Medium/Large Power Transformers - Core form technology up to 400 MVA, 345 kV, (1175 kV BIL)* Shell form up to 1400 MVA , 500 KV class. Substation Services: Core & Shell type power transformers, repair and service, LTC repair & replacement, mobile substation inspection and servicing.


Transmission/Distribution Line Products:

CPI-composite cross arms and poles *

FHP-Distribution Porcelain Insulators, distribution insulators thru 46KV.* GG-Toughened Glass suspension insulators * *

Mitas/MITENG-Lattice transmission structures. Lattice design engineering detailing and testing services. *

SPIW- Porcelain Insulators, porcelain suspension insulators thru 120,000 lb ratings and TR type station post insulators through 1000KV.

TAPP-tubular steel poles base plate, mono & wood equivalent, transmission and distribution structures.


Small Power Transformers to 20MVA base max and 69 kV max with/without LTC. Compartmental padmounts and small power unit-substation 10 MVA 35 kV max.

Single Phase Oil-Filled Transformers, substation, platform mount.

New Specialty Transformers: Zig-Zag, network transformer, Unitized Substations


Liquid Filled Transformers: 300kVA – 100mVA to 230kV class. With LTC to 100mVA. Fluids include mineral oil, Luminol, Envirotemp (FR3), beta, silicone. Fluid preservation, sealed tank (standard), automatic nitrogen system, conservator.

Dry Type Transformers: VPI 300kVA – 20mVA to 35kV class, 220 degree class insulation. Uniclad (encapsulated) 300kVA – 15mVA to 35kV class, 220 degree class insulation.

Specialty design transformers and field service options.


ISO Phase & Bus Duct product defined by ANSI/IEEE Standard for Metal-Enclosed Bus C37.23-2003 and engineering services. Switchgear Products including power house applications, medium voltage indoor and outdoor switchgear from 5 kV – 38 kV. Close coupled integrated unit substations.


Citadel Breaker 5kV - 35 kV, to 5000A, 63 kA. New and roll-in retrofit applications. New and custom switchgear featuring the Citadel utility grade  breaker. Legacy switchgear life extension and optimization programs including Citadel vacuum breaker conversions upgrades for most manufactures makes and models. Match in-line gear and expert field service and start up capabilities.


An engineering, design and software company focused on turnkey microgrid energy solutions using our proprietary software platform that enables the integration and optimization of a variety of power generation sources (e.g., solar, batteries, fuel cells, diesel & natural gas generators). We also offer custom engineered electrical switchgear connecting power generation equipment to customer loads and the grid. Our switchgear is used in our installations as well as sold to a variety of third parties as standalone or as a complete power package. Our switchgear and DER equipment is vendor agnostic, providing our customers with complete flexibility for their power system solutions.


72.5kV & 145kV vacuum circuit breakers that utilizes dry air instead of SF6 as an insulating medium between vacuum bottle and a grounded tank.